About Us

The Mission and Vision of the Department

The mission of the Department of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Engineering is to lead all efforts aiming to create, preserve, integrate, transfer and apply petroleum and mineral resources engineering knowledge, and to enhance the human capability of the practitioners of these disciplines, and thereby to serve the nation and the society.

The vision of the department is to remain as the number one petroleum and mineral resources engineering program in the nation and in the region, so that its graduates are the most respected and sought-after professionals within the industry.


The Department of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Engineering (PMRE) is the first university level program in Bangladesh to address the growing needs and challenges in the petroleum and minerals sector of the country. It was originally established in 1992, and the academic programmes began in 1995. Being the first and only department of its kind in Bangladesh, the DPMRE enjoys the mandate to lead and set trends in developing trained expertise for these vitally important sectors for the country. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) played a key role in establishing the PMRE at the BUET.

Petroleum engineering has been the department’s priority to support the growing natural gas industry. The department is equipped to offer specialized programmes for minerals and mining engineering in case of future needs. The capabilities of the PMRE are comparable to those of any other leading petroleum engineering department in the world. The program is continuously being enriched through various linkage programmes with reputed universities and institutes. University of Alberta, University of Houston, University of Texas, The Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU), The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), The Center for Energy Economics (CEE) at the University of Texas at Austin are among the past and present linkage partners.

Career Prospect

Petroleum Engineering is an exciting profession that offers many challenges, huge potential for career growth, high remuneration, benefit packages, and the opportunity to work in the global arena. Petroleum is the most widely used form of mobile energy. It is also a major raw material for a wide variety of products. The importance of the Petroleum Engineering discipline will only increase over the next decades, as access to energy becomes one of the most significant challenges facing the nation and the world. The government of Bangladesh has identified the petroleum and minerals as a high priority sector, and is investing significantly to develop it. Investments from the private sector and International Oil Companies (IOC) are also growing steadily.

For the aspiring graduates, a very exciting frontier has opened up. The petroleum engineers will be exposed to cutting-edge technology and international standard working environment. Since the IOC’s operate in almost every continent in the world, job prospects for qualified petroleum engineers extend beyond Bangladesh.