Partial List of Publications

  • Haq, M.B. and Tamim, M. "Well Drilling and Revised Subsurface Mapping Yield New Insights"; Paper presented in the 4th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Dhaka, Bangladesh December 26-28, 2001 PP. VII 105-110.
  • Tamim. M. "Policies and Priorities in Bangladesh Gas Sector Planning"; Energy for Sustainable Development, the journal of the International Energy Initiative, Vol VII, No 2, PP57-66, June 2003
  • Hossain, M. E., Tamim, M. and Rahman, N. M. A. "Effect of Criterion Values of Estimation of the Radius of Drainage and Stabilization Time"; Paper presented in Petroleum Society’s Canadian International Petroleum Conference 2002, Calgary, Alberta, June 11-13, 2002
  • Tamim, M., Abou-Kassem, J.H. and Farouq Ali, S.M. "Recent Developments in Numerical Simulation Techniques for Thermal Recovery Processes"; Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 26 (2000) 283 -289
  • Rahman, M.M., Heinze and Ge. "Sucker-Rod Pumping Failures in the PermianBasin"; Journal of Petroleum Technology, March 2000, pp.44.
  • Rahman, M.M. and Heinze "Development and Implementation of a Relational Database for Optimizing Beam Pump Failure"; Proceedings of the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course 2000 Conference, Lubbock, TX, 12-13 April, 2000
  • Rahman, M.M. and Heinze "The Big Picture: Merits of a Cross-Company Database for Beam Pump Failure in the Permian Basin", Poster SPE 59723, Permian Basin Oil and Gas Recovery Conference, Midland, TX, March 21-23, 2000.
  • Rahman, M.M. and Heinze "Results form Sucker Rod Pumping Failures Data Analysis in the PermianBasin", Paper ETCE2000/PROD10082, proceedings of the ASME ETCE/OMAE2000 Joint Conference, New Orleans, LA, 14-17 February 2000.

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