PMRE Activities

In addition to student research, faculties also research projects with the governmental, private and international organizations. The results are published in professional journals, and presented in national and international seminars. Some of the sponsored projects accomplished recently at the department are:

Sponsoring Organization     Project
Government of Bangladesh    Natural gas reserve estimation project
          Natural gas utilization project
Tata Energy Research  Energy Security Issues in Asia: Bangladesh Case

Institute (TERI), New Delhi, India  Energy Modeling and Emission Studies

        Economic Implication of Annex I Commitments for Developing Counties ( Bangladesh Case Study)

World Bank      Gas Infrastructure Development Project (GIDP)

Petrobangla      Human Resources Development Program for Petrobangla Group of Companies

Testing & Consultation Services: Through the Bureau of Research, Testing and Consultation (BRTC) at BUET, the department provides state of the art testing services to companies involved in the petroleum and minerals sector. The faculty members serve in numerous governmental committees involving the petroleum, mineral resources and the energy sector. Several members are serving in the Board of Directors of the major oil, gas and pipeline companies.

Curriculum Development: The department developed the first web-based professional development course in the country. The department also helped developing academic programs for different institutes. The department also offers short courses specially designed for the professionals.

Training Programs and Seminars: PMRE organizes, hosts and participates in training programs, short courses, workshops and seminars. Some of the recent programs are:

  • Overview of Energy Sector Technology & Policy: The first web-based professional development course in the country. Implemented through the BUET-University of Alberta Linkage project.
  • New Era – Oil and Gas Value Chain: Four-day training for professionals. Held in collaboration with the Institute for Energy, Law and Enterprise , University of Houston .
  • Reservoir Engineering: Five-day short course for professionals. Held in collaboration with Bangladesh Petroleum Institute (BPI).
  • Oil and Gas Issues: One-day Seminar for public awareness of the issues involving the oil and gas industry. Held in collaboration with the Energy Reporters Association of Bangladesh

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