Petroleum Engineering as a Career

Petroleum Engineering is an exciting profession that offers many challenges, huge potential for career growth, high remuneration, benefit packages, and the opportunity to work in the global arena. Petroleum is the most widely used form of mobile energy. It is also a major raw material for a wide variety of products. The importance of the Petroleum Engineering discipline will only increase over the next decades, as access to energy becomes one of the most significant challenges facing the nation and the world. The government of Bangladesh has identified the petroleum and minerals as a high priority sector, and is investing significantly to develop it. Investments from the private sector and International Oil Companies (IOC) are also growing steadily. For the aspiring graduates, a very exciting frontier has opened up. The petroleum engineers will be exposed to cutting-edge technology and international standard working environment. Since the IOC’s operate in almost every continent in the world, job prospects for qualified petroleum engineers extend beyond Bangladesh.content

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