The PMRE maintains two well equipped laboratories- 1) Analytical lab and 2) Petrophysical lab. These are primarily for graduate studies and advanced research. The students have opportunity to work with reservoir rock and fluid samples using ASTM and GPA standard equipment and test procedures. In addition, testing, training and consultation services are provided to companies involved in the petroleum, minerals and energy sector of Bangladesh using these laboratories. The labs were originally sponsored by the University of Alberta, Canada. The analytical lab hosts the only PVT apparatus in the country.

List of Tests Conducted at PMRE Department

Following is a short list of the equipment in these labs:

  1. Drill Core Cutter with accessories
  2. Gas Calorimeter Murcury Injection Porosimeter
  3. Boyel's Law Porosimeter
  4. Universal Porometer
  5. Capillary Pressure Apparatus
  6. Gas Liquid Permeameter
  7. Universal Core Grinder
  8. Reid Vapor Pressure Apparatus
  9. Centrifuge
  10. Gas Chromatographs
  11. PVT Apparatus
  12. GOR Apparatus
  13. Gas Oil Relative Permeability Apparatus
  14. Soxhlet Extractor
  15. Bomb Calorimeter
  16. Helium Porosimeter
  17. Water Distillation Unit
  18. Dean-Starch Distillation Unit
  19. De-saturation Capillary Cell
  20. Electrically Heated Downdraft Retort
  21. Muffle Furnace 1100 0C
  22. Pressure Hydrometer Apparatus for LPG, NGL
  23. Pour/Cloud Point Apparatus
  24. Saybolt viscometer
  25. Rheometer
  26. Cleveland Open Cup Apparatus
  27. Pensky Martin Closed Cup Apparatus
  28. Low Temperature Circulation Bath
  29. ASTM Distillation Apparatus


ShellEnergyInformationCenter: It was established through a generous contribution from Shell Bangladesh Ltd. The center is equipped with computers, printer, scanner, photocopier, multimedia projector, overhead projector etc. The center is used by researchers and the faculty for various purpose like preparing reports, presentations, lectures etc.